Rules Of EcX

Rule One:

No running in raids, if you run the other side will think of EcX as a running clan.  But if there is a person behind you, you may back up, but dont run.


Rule Two:

Be respectful in raids, dont trash other people. Dont waste your time talking to them, Just pwn them.


Rule Three:

Respect your high ranks, if they try to tell you somthing, they are trying to help you.  So listen to them.


Rule Four:

Do not run in 1 on 1's, that isnt a very good thing.  People with just call you a noob, and so on.


Rule Five:

Treat Allys with respect, they are coming to your base to help us in a raid, we must show them respect back.


Rule Six:

Dont ask for promotions, be happy with your rank.  Just work your hardest, and you will be rewarded with a promotion.


Rule Seven:

Treat visitors in our base with respect, Dont just hit them for no reason, or trash them for no reason.


Rule Eight:

No double clanning, be true to your clan, dont join another clan and help them in their clan when your in this one.


Rule Nine:

If our base is attacked, defend it, dont hide in safe zone, just because you dont want to get your hands dirty.