EcX Functions

You may apply for one of these special functions once every two weeks.


Council (C)

This is the most prestigious function in all of EcX. Council members are in charge at all costs. They can do many things such as promote and have a say in decisions that normal members do not have a say in (Allies/Enemies, who gets what functions, etc.) Council members are extremely loyal and hard-working members that do many great things for EcX. You CANNOT ask for the Council function. This is a function that you only get by proving that you are loyal, and if the leaders deem you worthy, you may be able to get it. Council members automatically have access to all of the other functions. (Excluding ))C((.)

 Leader/Head-Council Agony
 Leader/Head-Council Pat
 Leader/Head-Council Soul
 Founder/Head-Council  Quake
 Co-Leader Seraphim
 Council Art
 Council Jassassin
 Council Soldier
 Council Warman


War Trainer (WT)

War Trainers are very skilled in the art of war. They must have been in many raids and must know how to lead in such a way that they can teach members how to follow commands and use proper teamwork.  They must be loyal members to EcX and have War Trainings as often as possible. You are only allowed to lead War Trainings if you have this function or the Council function. War Trainers can also lead raids INSIDE of base if no one else is there to do it, but they CANNOT lead any raids outside of base unless they are above the rank Emperor. War Trainers may also set up scrimages such as infection or just 5 v  5 as an exercise for war, but they may only do it with two teams, since that would make it a serious training, rather than just fun and games. (Your rank must be at least MJR to apply for this function.)

 Leader WarMan

 Trainer (T)

The Trainer function is very important to EcX. The official trainers of EcX need to make sure that all members who require training end up getting it. This is important since EcX is such a strong clan and has many great fighters. You can only be a trainer if you are one of the best fighters in EcX, and if you know how to train, obviously. If any new member or even old member asks for training, it is a trainer's responsibility to get it done. All trainers must be loyal to EcX and must work their best to ensure that all of the fighters in EcX are the cream of the crop. If you see someone lacking fighting ability, make sure to OFFER training to them, since sometimes they feel too embarrassed to ask themselves. Your rank does not matter to become a trainer, however you must be a good fighter and a loyal member.

 Leader DeathDager
 Members ))C(( members


Champions ))C((

The ))C(( is a group for the best fighters of EcX. To become an ))C(( you have to challenge another ))C(( member to a ''Best of 3'' duel. If the challenger wins they get an ))C(( title. The maximum amount of ))C(( possible is 7. If there are 7 and the challenged ))C(( member loses they lose their ))C(( to the challenger. The best fighter of EcX will be announced as the "Prime Champion" warrior and will use the tag -))C((-. Only other Champions may challenge the Prime Champion. If they beat the Prime Champion 2/3 they become prime champion. You may only challenge for Champion once a week, and Prime Champion once a week. You can be in ))C(( regardless of your rank, but you must prove that you are in the top 7 of EcX.

 Prime Champion -))C((-
 Champion DeathDager
 Champion Dungeomaster
 Champion Pat
 Champion Forbidden